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 2018 Elected School Board Members
 2018 Primary Candidates List
 2018 Municipal Clerks of Ocean County
 2019 Holiday Schedule
 2019 Ocean County & Municipal Elected Officials
 2019 Election Dates Booklet
 Ocean County Democratic County Committee List 2-13-2019
 Democratic County Committee Bylaws - as of 3-23-2014
 Ocean County Republican County Committee List as of 2-13-2019
 Republican County Committee Bylaws
 How to use the Voting Machines

 You can download the latest Adobe PDF Reader here.

Petitions : Candidate nominating Petitions for all County Offices (Freeholder, Clerk, Sheriff & Surrogate) as well as local candidates and Independent candidates seeking office are available at the Election Office for distribution.

Election Information - As a service to the public the Election Office maintains voter registration lists as well as Campaign Expenditure Reports and Financial Disclosure Statements on file for inspection. All questions on election procedures will be kindly answered as well.

Election Results "Live" on the Internet - The Office of the Ocean County Clerk is proud to be able to provide election results on the Internet for Primary and General elections in "real time". On election night the current results from the county voting machines may be viewed  here

Vote by Mail - You may apply for a Mail-in ballot if you are a qualified and registered voter by written application to this office. Requirements are that you sign your name as it appears in the registry book. The deadline for such requests are 7 days before any and all elections (Primary, General, School, etc.) Any Mail-in voter who fails to apply by the deadline may apply in person to the office on any day up to 3:00 P.M. of the day before the Election.
 Mail-in form (PDF)

Military, Civilian Overseas & Federal Voting - If you are in the military service (or a dependent, patient in a veterans hospital or civilian attached to or serving with the military) a civilian overseas or a Federal Voter Mail-in voting privileges are available. For more information or an application contact the Election Office or click the link for the application below.
 Military, Civilian Overseas & Federal voting form (PDF)

Voter Registration Form - Follow the instructions on the form. The mailing address is included.
 Voter Registration Form